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Website Navigation Help

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by ZarosMachinery, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. ZarosMachinery

    ZarosMachinery New Member

    I'm currently working on an ecommerce website that's recently been launched. My friend has written the php and sql for the technical side, and I am tasked with the front end styling.

    When we see people using the site, they seem to have trouble navigating. I find it hard to improve the website as I've made it myself and it seems clear and obvious from my perspective.

    I'd love for some advice on what to change / improve from people with experience.

    Am I allowed to post a link on this forum?
  2. ZarosMachinery

    ZarosMachinery New Member

    This forum is a lot slower than I expected! Here's the website if anyone is able to give me feedback. You could try looking for TS98 Lawn Sweeper manufactured by SCH Supplies Ltd, or perhaps a Dump Trailer manufactured by Quad-X, as example products to navigate to.

    Also, if you let me know what device, screen resolution, operating system and browser you're using that would help a lot!

    Be as critical as possible, I need to improve this :)
  3. nshep

    nshep New Member

    I don't know if I would include the View XYZ on your categories. It just takes up real estate and doesn't add a lot of information. People should understand that they need to click the fields without it.

    Generally, I don't see anything wrong with your navigation. I would install some analytics software that can visualize user flow and see where they get stuck.
  4. ZarosMachinery

    ZarosMachinery New Member

    Thank you for the feedback. That's something I'll look at changing - I might be able to use product filters instead of having those category tiles.
    nshep likes this.

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