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websitedesign.co.uk domain for sale

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by mdecker, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. mdecker

    mdecker New Member

    Deleted - gone...
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2008
  2. Ardesco

    Ardesco New Member

    I'll offer you a nice shiney new 2p peice :sick
  3. mdecker

    mdecker New Member

    Thanks, but keep it - you could put it towards the dictionary fund?!

    Best, Michael
  4. philjohns

    philjohns New Member

    £20 . . . . .
  5. mdecker

    mdecker New Member

    well that's a thousand times more than the last guy offered, so I guess the bidding is hotting up...
  6. hellosmithy

    hellosmithy New Member

    From the eBay listing:
    If this is true, why are you selling it?
  7. Ardesco

    Ardesco New Member

    I would guess he was locked into the agent for a set period of time and has just managed to get it passed across to himself and is now trying to cash in on it. To be honest this sort of practice really annoys me, either use it or lose it. Domain camping sucks.

    (All of the above information was got by doing a basic whois on the domain name and is in the public domain so i'm not showing anything that can't be found out by anybody who wants to have a look for themselves.)
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2008
  8. mdecker

    mdecker New Member

    You probably need to re-read the definition of 'domain camping', unless you think it comprises owning and using a name for ten years! But at least you came back and corrected your 'loose' to 'lose'....

    Regards, Michael
  9. mdecker

    mdecker New Member

    I'm now out of the web design business (these days preferring software development) so the domain is fairly useless to me now. It's one of the very few great generics for a UK-based web design agency, and drove a lot of business to us over the years.

    Regards, Michael
  10. Ardesco

    Ardesco New Member

    OK Mr Pedant, you are Cybersquatting.

    I.E. sitting on a domain that you are no longer using and trying to sell it for a price far in excess of the price you paid for it. Domain camping/Cybersquatting..... call it what you want. I still find auctioning domain names off to be a fairly low way to make your money.

    Yes I make typo's now and again, (as do most people) and if I notice them and can be bothered I will go back and fix them.
  11. mdecker

    mdecker New Member

    Typos? I suppose 'peice' and 'shiney' from your earlier post were 'typos' too? Not only are you unable to string a few correctly spelled words together, you clearly you have no idea of the meaning of words like 'domain camping' or 'cybersquatting'.

    I'll try and help you, just this once: 'Cybersquatting, according to the United States federal law known as the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, is registering, trafficking in, or using a domain name with bad-faith intent to profit from the goodwill of a trademark belonging to someone else. The cybersquatter then offers to sell the domain to the person or company who owns a trademark contained within the name at an inflated price.'

    And 'low' ways of making money might include setting up a website (ridden with ghastly spelling errors) trying to make like you're Telehouse, yet the only way people can contact you is via one of those con premium 0870 numbers! Just a wild guess - but I guess that your failure to give an address means that you're running the 'business' out of your council flat in Swindon?

    Oh, and boasting of '100% uptime' while on the very same page apologising that all your customers' servers will be down 'for hours' does not inspire confidence. Anyway, good to hear you're 'as competative as ever and service reamains at the highest of standards'! I'm not quite sure who you're competing with, as any competitors probably haven't picked up on your *four* mentions on Google....
  12. Ardesco

    Ardesco New Member

    Ah out come the personal insults in an attempt to make my objection to what many will see as a shady business practice less valid.

    The fact remains that you have renewed this domain name when you were not using it so that you could auction it off to make more money. It comes under the heading of Domain Camping/Cyber Squatting no matter how much you scream and shout to the contrary. I’ll agree that you have previously owned and used it, but so have many other people who have owned a domain name that later became desirable and decided to try and make a quick buck.

    As for my own website, well your criticisms have some value I suppose if the site is littered with spelling mistakes (You are quite welcome to point them out to me so that they can be rectified).

    For your information there is an address on the website under the “About Us” link as is legally required since 1st January 2007. Yes I use a 0870 number, so do many other companies, however nobody has to use this number to contact us. There are forums and e-mail addresses which can also be used and generally speaking web hosting does not require the same level of support as something like providing a broadband service. It may also please you to know that all of my servers are in a data centre in the docklands. Feel free to tracert them if you do not believe me.

    The main page probably does need a bit of an update as the News is very out of date and current up time is slightly less than 100%, but you can use the link provided to check it if you really want to. Scheduled Maintenance has to happen sometimes and making everybody know about your expected downtime for Scheduled Maintenance should not reduce the confidence of your customers.

    At the end of the day my business is ticking over quite happily, I have satisfied customers and my business comes from word of mouth rather than from Google searches, however I suspect you will find a few more entries for my other site on a Google search (although I’m sure that whatever the results are you will be back to sling more mud my way and shout about how useless my company is).
  13. mdecker

    mdecker New Member

    Claiming that the registered office of your part-time business is the address from which you conduct that business when, in fact, it is the address of your accountants (Bruton Charles) probably comprises misrepresentation with intent to deceive. The correct notation, should you be serious about complying with the law and being honest with people, would be to include the line 'Bruton Charles Chartered Accountants' as the first line of your registered office address. That way you won't be seen to be misleading people into thinking that you have your own office there.

    Requiring your poor, long-suffering customers to telephone you via a premium rate number when your servers go down is dismal customer service. Expecting them to be happy to contact you via 'forums' and email is even more dismal. And your extraordinary claim that web hosting doesn't matter as much as other services just about guarantees that no-one with any sense would dream of hosting their website business with you, because you don't really care that much.

    Why not try a more honest approach on your website? As you've asked for help, try this on your front page: "Welcome to Ardesco Solutions, run by me (Mark Collin) part-time with no other employees. I rent a quarter rack and a tiny pipe in the cheap part of Docklands, and if anything breaks I guarantee to have your website up and running just as soon as I can get on a train and get up to London to fix it (as long as I'm not on holiday or at my day job). I don't have a telephone number or an office, but you can catch me on a forum or call my premium rate number if there's a problem with your service."

    There - isn't that a lot more honest, now that you've dropped all the fake 'we' and 'us' rubbish? Now we just need your real address (22 Tippett Rise, Dale Road, Reading, Berks RG2 0DJ) on your site and you're almost legal. Then all you need to do is remove all the stolen imagery (e.g. the Simpsons) and you're done....
  14. Ardesco

    Ardesco New Member

    *sigh* here we go again.....

    Nope that is my registered business address, check it out on companies house if you can be bothered. I am 100% compliant with the law

    The servers are monitored 24/7/365 so I know the second that they go down and information can be sent out to all of my customers so that they know what is happening. I have never said that web hosting doesn't matter, I have however said that the level of support is different. We do not have to talk somebody through the process of configuring their own machine, or configuring their router. Generally speaking we just have to change passwords or check permissions on our equipment, it doesn't take a huge amount of time to do this and as a result my customers don't spend much time on the phone. Secondly there is a huge raft of web services companies on the internet at the moment that don't provide phone support, but just e-mail support. It is not unusual and keeps costs down.

    Again nice try :). Nope it is not just me, we are a small company I admit but if there are problems they are worked on straight away and work can be done when i'm not here.
    Well you could try sending stuff to that address, but you won't get anywhere very quickly. Looks like the whois needs updating on something. As for stolen imagery, where? Where are there Simpson’s images on my main site?
  15. easysite

    easysite Guest


    Not wanting to get into the bitching but i am interested. How much are you asking for this? I see it didn't sell on ebay. Could i have the stats please? So i can see the traffic thats coming through.

  16. mdecker

    mdecker New Member

    Hi - the eBay starting price was £3000, but it was sold today via another route (eBay and Sedo don't appear to be good routes for selling domains of this type!).

    It's gone to a good home - a well-established web design agency with a good understanding of marketing. It'll be interesting to see what they do with it, and I wish them the same good luck as I had with the domain.

    Regards, Michael
  17. hellosmithy

    hellosmithy New Member

    Out of interest what did it go for in the end?

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