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wedding photography...help!!

Discussion in 'Photography Forum' started by charliegreger, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. charliegreger

    charliegreger New Member

    hi all.
    my sister is getting married in april and has asked me to be the photographer, seeing as i will do it for free ( me and my big mouth :eek: )
    the thing is i have never done that sort of thing and have no idea where to start. are there any do's and dont's to be aware of??? any help in the matter will be greatly appreciated.
  2. flair

    flair New Member

    i am also in a similar boat, have a wedding to photograph and have never done owt like that so please again any do's/dont's would be grand.

    Do you really come from natal? did some graphics a while back for a guy who has a website all about natal.
  3. charliegreger

    charliegreger New Member

    yes i am from natal.... in a little town called howick. not much to this place but its central to the midlands which is awesome.
  4. MickeyFinn

    MickeyFinn Administrator

    My don't would be - don't do it! Can you imagine if you messed them up :rollin

    With a digital camera is OK as I guess you can see what you have taken as you go but I would recommend backing the photos up in triplicate as soon as possible :D
  5. jamdf

    jamdf New Member

    Enjoy it..

    Preparation is key, try dividing the day up into 3, arrivals, ceremony, portraits.

    Enlist the help of the best man to herd everyone for the group shots

    Ask your sister to make a list of what photos she wants

    Make your own list for the day

    Look for inspiration from other photographers galleries

    Try and find a friend who might be able to provide you with a backup camera should you have problems with yours

    Shoot in raw and make sure you have lots of memory 4-8gb

    Know your camera inside out

    Dont get drunk until you've backed up the pics!!!!!

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