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Discussion in 'Time Out' started by MickeyFinn, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. MickeyFinn

    MickeyFinn Administrator

    Thanks to Calibre Designs for the suggestion of a time out forum. The general one tends to be used for accounting and legal type questions so good to keep that one used for those purposes and have this one for fun!
  2. Opus

    Opus Member

    Good idea. The only downside being that we'll all get much less work done whilst reading posts on here! :D
  3. Calibre Designs

    Calibre Designs New Member

    Hello guys...

    Much better to keep work separate to play. When we are faced with deadlines, increasing stress levels and so forth, its nice to banter here.

  4. William

    William New Member

    Hello everybody

    Can I just ask if anybody knows who this Nuno person is that keeps posting threads on the web design forum but not really replying.

  5. MickeyFinn

    MickeyFinn Administrator

    Not a clue. Cleaned out a few spammers this evening. If you are ever doubtful as to the intentions of any posters just send me a PM.
  6. glebe digital

    glebe digital Member

    Hi all, nice to see a new chill-out zone here. :cool2

    Stuck in the office, deadline looming...........one downside of freelancing is you can work a lot of weekends. :confused2
  7. MickeyFinn

    MickeyFinn Administrator

    Hey GD,

    Was up until 4 this morning working and have done for the last week. Is the only time I get any peace as have a two year old tot who has not yet learnt what "bugger off" means :D

    You always work from home or are you on a client's site?

    So posting here instead of working? Always something else to do when a deadline is looming!
  8. glebe digital

    glebe digital Member

    Absolutely, it's some kind of 'reverse mode' induced by impending crisis. :D

    Yeah lots of late nights here too....also toddlers angling for quick shots at the flight-sim.......or google earth.............luckily the new office is currently being built in the garden, soon....soon.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2008
  9. Ardesco

    Ardesco New Member

    Oh they will learn soon enough, then they will start using it in public, at the nursery, etc. and you will be desperately trying to get them to stop..... :confused2

    Have to be so careful about what you say around young kids :eek:hwell
  10. Opus

    Opus Member

    The joys of children taking over the house – I have it all to look forward to! Need to move my office and transform it into a nursery in the next few months (not that I'm complaining by any means)

  11. Scarlet-Hills

    Scarlet-Hills New Member

    How true is that! All designers seem to suffer from the same condition. The nearer you get to that deadline you've been dreading the more fascinating that book you've been putting off reading seems...

    I always find myself link hopping through youtube etc then suddenly realising that 4 hours have passed. :D
  12. Opus

    Opus Member

    It's usually various football websites that are my downfall! It's amazing how important it can be to check up on transfer speculation or injury news when a deadline is imminent. The other thing I find myself doing is catching up on admin tasks ahead of doing the actual design work - kind of like doing revision timetables when you were at school

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