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West Cornwall CAD Monkey

Discussion in 'CAD Forum' started by Chrisnewman, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. Chrisnewman

    Chrisnewman New Member

    Sorry everyone if I have botched my introduction to this forum, but I am a novice so to speak. Very briefly, I am Degree and HND educated with 7 years commercial and 3 years s/e experience in a wide variety of CAD work - focused mainly on construction, engineering works and planning applications (I majored in Surveying), so it is a natural marriage to couple surveying with CAD work. Projects to date are numerous, but my flagship design work lately has been a certain Bio-Gas reactor in South Wales - I am sure you know the one.

    18 months ago my wife had a stroke, rendering her helpless to work. Therefore I am looking to subsidise my income by utilising my extensive and varied experience and work from home on a freelance basis. I have either my own equipment and or access to more specialised plotters, CAD resources, blocks, plot / line types, plotters (up t0 A0 and 3 pdf creators) etc, as well as access to Charteered Engineers and Consulting Senior Engineers who will gladly advise me for the price of a few of the wine gums that I stash away in my office drawer!!

    If anyone could offer any words of guidance or steer me in the direction of a person / Company / Organisation that farms out digital work from home or locally (40-50 mile radius from Truro) on a purely ad hoc / time-charge basis, I would be incredibly grateful.

    I hope I have not trodden on any toes, but Chris (B.Sc. Hons ACSM Dip Eng) would be very grateful and happy to hear from a fellow monkey who may be able to assist.

  2. albertsmith2021

    albertsmith2021 New Member



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