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What angles are people using to gain contracts/is the board working foryou

Discussion in 'PR & Marketing Forum' started by gymnast44, Jun 20, 2014.

  1. gymnast44

    gymnast44 New Member

    Hi All

    I was wondering what areas people were using to build up their client base, apart from the obvious ones like a website and social media platforms and e-shots? I have networking via CIM and other areas I could do also, but do you use any other networking events at all (especially in the Midlands). Have any of you joined forces with each other to increase your clients base e.g. with a graphic designer etc from another board or on a personal basis?

    Has this website worked for you - being a newbie it would be good to get feedback - I've had no responses as yet but I guess it is early days as I only registered last weekend.

    So basically what does work best in the early days of set-up, funding etc. Any hints/tips gratefully received.
    Thank you All!
  2. shailluis

    shailluis New Member

  3. gymnast44

    gymnast44 New Member

    Hi Shailluis - sorry I think you came on to talk and I vanished, apologies I've been quite poorly. Did you have some thoughts on my query please if so happy for you to email them to olgakorbut@btinternet.com
  4. threelancer

    threelancer Member

    Hello. Of course there is no magic trick or shortcircuit to getting in lots of business. It is networking, especially local networking plus getting your name across online on various platforms including here. Your profiles online are so important not just as a lead generator but often I find to validate someones decision to get in touch. Its amazing how many people find out about a freelancer and then get put off getting in contact due to the outdated or poor quality online info (or lack of!). Hope that makes sense! Also good rankings for your own site is useful. I never got much out of the CIM (apart from a qualification!) ;)
  5. shailluis

    shailluis New Member

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  6. gymnast44

    gymnast44 New Member

    Thanks for coming back to me, much appreciated - apologies for delay head has been buried with overhauling and re-launching new website and branding in a 2 weeks period - lucky client! I am at the stage now that I need to get a website presence post this and will probably work on this with my freelance friend in Warrington - he has aspergers syndrome and is so talented but found it hard for people to want to work with him because of it - which is awful (I've done markeitng in the social field so worked with many service users) - so hopefully I will be pickign up your tips on having a digital presence very shortly!

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