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What do you do if you don't get paid

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by robcub, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. robcub

    robcub New Member

    Hello Guys,

    Hope you're all busy and getting loads of great work. I haven't posted for a while but read this site and forum often.

    I've had this scenario twice what do you think...

    Client rings me up. "Hello, can you do this, this, and this?" Yes I can. "How much do you charge?" I give them an hourly rate. "That sounds good."

    Then they ask me to do some initial designs (I do graphic design for print and web, by the way) and I put in an invoice and they say that they won't pay me because it was, as far as they are concerned, just a pitch to see if I could get the job. Annoying ... er, yes!

    I have a policy that I never go to see someone or do work if I don't get paid or get the promise of money. But I've let myself down a couple of times where the client has been able to get me to do something for nothing.

    What do people think about this? And is there are arbitration service that can help me with a couple of unpaid invoices?

  2. glebe digital

    glebe digital Member

  3. robcub

    robcub New Member

    Thank you, glebe digital, I was looking for something exactly like that.
  4. alanmcl1929

    alanmcl1929 New Member

    Protect Yourself

    The first thing to learn is that in any other service would it be unreasonable to be paid before you provide a service NO IT IS NOT !!!

    Imagine your Davinci and your work commands a premium, if any customer wishes you to create a masterpiece for them you need a commitment get a deposit and ask them to sign a order form!

    It's not uncomman now a days to even pay up front - even even PLC and major companies like ICI have a comapny credit card and they are willing to pay for services by card if the need it fast or its specialised and know you wont let them down - offer your terms of business and stick to them if you promise artwork on a friday then deliver it!

    the creative business needs to start thinking why should you not be paid for your work, even if you work from home your a business not a charity you need to be paid for the work you have done and if you have terms signed and agreed at the concept of the contract both parties know the situation its a contract to perform work on behalf of another at a determined rate or cost!

    then if you find yourself in such a poisition then try debtscotland.com part of the yuill and kyle group they are highly effective and they will send out demanding debt letters that would scare the spots of a cheeta for about £4 and same day - cheaper than a lawyer, fasterand far more effective, and can handle all legal mattters quickly and extremely quickly - they usually dont have to! They are known for sending a quiver down the spine of the flyest MD - they get you paid and quick and at the cheapest rate !

    The secret to avoid the situation at all is to have a simple contract or at least an order form with your terms signed and dated its then just a matter of a collection company collecting your money !

    Welcome | printing.com Glasgow North
  5. robcub

    robcub New Member

  6. ania.shapiro

    ania.shapiro New Member

    I would never do any work without being paid! It's ridiculous. If you are a newbie, it helps to build up contacts but for seasoned professionals it's simply a waste of time.
  7. Ardesco

    Ardesco New Member

  8. robcub

    robcub New Member

    Thanks for the links, Ardesco!

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