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What is new in HTML5

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by Web_Design, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Mark Lyons

    Mark Lyons Member

    HTML5 was created to make the coding process easier and more logical. You will see a bit later that many syntaxes are now deprecated and soon to be kicked out through the back door. The unique and impressive features HTML5 comes with are in the multimedia department. Many of the features it comes with have been created with the consideration that users should be able to run heavy content on low-powered devices. The syntactic features include the new <video>, <audio> and <canvas> elements, but also integration of vector graphics content (what we knew before as being the <object> tags). This means that multimedia and graphic content on the web will be handled and executed easier and faster, without the need of plugins or APIs. For more details visit here - http://1stwebdesigner.com/what-is-html5/
  2. Mark Lyons

    Mark Lyons Member

    HTML5 Graphics -


    New Attribute Syntax -


    New Semantic/Structural Elements -
  3. John Aeliya

    John Aeliya New Member

    HTML 5 New Elements
    There are a few exciting new elements in HTML 5:

    • <canvas> – This element gives you a drawing space in JavaScript on your web pages. It can add images or graphs to tooltips or create dynamic graphs on your web pages, built on the fly.
    • <video> – Add video to your web pages with this simple tag.
    • <audio> – Add sound to your web pages with this simple tag.

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