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What is the best classified ad sites for uk

Discussion in 'Business and Contracts' started by Glenn Rodgers, Sep 8, 2014.

  1. Glenn Rodgers

    Glenn Rodgers New Member

    I am new here and i need help does anyone have best UK based classified ads list if yes kindly share with me thanks.
  2. Knappsimon

    Knappsimon New Member

    What are you trying to sell? Horses for courses and all that
  3. Renzo

    Renzo New Member

    I think gumtree is.
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  4. Road2Sale

    Road2Sale New Member

    Hi, it depends on what you want to advertise and what is your target market.
    Websites like Facebook or even Google can be quite good for advertising (Facebook especially for younger audience) but if you are targeting a specific group of people try their annual/monthly community newsletters, newspapers, articles etc
  5. eventtom

    eventtom New Member

    newsletter marketing is the actual best way. SEO also is interesting.
  6. Mark Lyons

    Mark Lyons Member

    Craiglist is one of the leading classified websites all over the world. Its serving almost every country in the world for posting ads for free. Craiglist also offer local editions in United Kingdom, for example craiglist London. Where one can find ads related to London businesses.
  7. smartlabel

    smartlabel New Member

    The information here are really helpful. Thank you for sharing!
  8. likeshigh

    likeshigh Member

    Craiglist is the best classified site to grow your business in the UK. This is the best lading site in the business strategy.

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