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What should be life style of a freelancer?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by sadhan.freelancer, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. sadhan.freelancer

    sadhan.freelancer New Member

    Hello All, I have been doing freelancing from last 3 years and for this my life style is totally changed now. I don't have any routine to do my personal work like sleep, eat, and going for outing and even I don't have routine for my work.

    One more problem is that I always feel insecure regarding my work because there have no certainty of getting work regularly. But it leads no problem till now because I am bachelor and don't cost too much money to live but my family wants me to do marry since my age is increasing and it is ideal time to do marriage. But after marriage my living cost will increase and lots of responsibility will come, so how will I manage all the activity after marriage including security for my future life.

    Please share some thoughts if you have.


  2. Sofia Wills

    Sofia Wills New Member

    Marry when you want and do as you please. It's hard to give any other advice when your post contains no questions
  3. administrator

    administrator Administrator Staff Member

    This one of the hard part of being a freelancer, when I started I would not structure my time well and due to this you end up not always being as productive as you should. The best thing to do is to enforce structure, be at your desk for 8:00, this makes sure you get a load done in the morning and therefore don't feel guilty about having lunch and sorting some home stuff out while having a break from the grind. Fair enough to work late if you need to but I would usually use this time to help promote my business, work on my website, follow up emails, post on forums like this one - as well as making sure I spent some time on my relationships!

    As for the cost of living increasing as you start to have a family, well that is just part of life. As a freelancer you should be establishing yourself in the industry, growing a client list and, as you become better at your job, increasing your rates.

    As the other poster said though, it is your life, get married when you want to get married and then have kids when you want to have kids! Tell your parents to bugger off and mind their own business :laugh2
  4. ca4nul

    ca4nul New Member

    lol - my friend i think you are from india. In india-pakistan parents are still very dominant in major decisions of life.

    Better luck
  5. kimberlysue

    kimberlysue New Member

    I'll try my best to give my thoughts on every point of your post to the best of my understanding.

    First of all, you are concerned about the security of earning or probably the steady income from freelancing. Do not stick yourself to getting small projects from different clients every time. Step up. As what was suggested, build yourself over time. When you earn your reputation, it will become easier for you. You can even work full time for some online companies.

    Regarding the lifestyle, treat freelancing work like how you would treat your regular work. Just because you have the freedom with your time, doesn't mean you can work anytime you want. Have a schedule and stick to it. I personally use a time tracking tool to make me more focused. I guarantee that you will be more productive this way.

    Finally, with regard to marrying, I go with everyone's opinion :D Marry anytime you want as long as you deem it necessary. :laugh2
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2011
  6. rickypounting

    rickypounting New Member

    Well the life style of a freelancer should be to feel like working when he wants with up to no restrictions of time what so ever.

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