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What Size Digital Camera do I need

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by johnj, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. johnj

    johnj New Member

    Hi there

    As an 'aspiring' freelancer what is the minimum size of sensor/pixels that you need for digital submissions?

    I currently have a Canon 350d.(8 Megapixels)

    Do I need to upgrade or will the picture quality be enough for Stock/Commissons/Editorial submissions?
  2. MickeyFinn

    MickeyFinn Administrator

    Image sizes

    Hi John,

    I think with an 8 Mega Pixel camera you will be fine for digital submissions. The papers I have worked with tend to differ on their requests so probably best to check with each editor before submitting work.

    Basically there are two things to think about, image size and DPI or resolution. The resolution is a bit misleading, a paper could ask for a 300 dpi image but if the amount of pixels is too small then the image will still print very small or if stretched to the required print size then it will look poor.

    Best thing is to ask the editor what size (centimeters or inches) the image is to be printed and then work at it from there.

    Best thing is to crop the original image to approx 2000 pixels along the longest edge and then save at jpeg quality 8. File size will vary but generally it will be around 400 - 600Kb.

    This means it will print at a good size on page with a good clarity.

    I don't think you will need to upgrade your camera just yet!
  3. johnj

    johnj New Member

    Thanks Mickey

    Thats music to my ears (or eyes!)

    Didn't want to have to fork out any extra cash than is needed presently.

    Appreciate the advice.


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