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Where can I find the UK law for freelance workers?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Blenta98, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. Blenta98

    Blenta98 New Member

    I have been taken on as a freelance worker for a company. They have given me training but keep me waiting about when I can start and won't communicate with me. Are they allowed to do this? It doesn't seem fair.
    Update: Additional details - it has been 3 months now of them saying they'll get back to me.
  2. John Aeliya

    John Aeliya New Member

    Being your own boss, in the true self-employed sense, means that you generally do not qualify for employment law rights. The benefits of working for yourself means that you cannot claim sick pay and you have no protection from getting the sack, even if it would normally constitute unfair dismissal.
    As the recent case of Miriam O’Reilly highlights, contract workers brought in to a business to personally undertake work do gain the right not to be discriminated against by part five of the Equality Act 2010, but this is only if you (and only you) are capable of doing the work.
    Freelancers are entitled to a safe working environment according to health and safety laws, and of course freelancers have a right to be paid for work completed.
  3. Marry Smith

    Marry Smith New Member

    Its good to know that you are moving towards freelance work and surely it will make you enjoy working because you will be your own boss. There are many laws forum or you can create thread over here and can ask question surely people in this forum will help you.

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