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Where does your inspiration come from?

Discussion in 'Time Out' started by self taught designer, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I seem to get a lot of my ideas when i'm doing daily tasks such as showering or washing up (usually when grabbing a pen and my notebook is difficult) or when i'm running and my mind is completely free. Night times are better for me too (it usually takes me till noon to wake up!!). I also love flicking through magazines and I have a few "coffee table" books such as The Art of Looking Sideways which I browse through and usually an idea pops out.

    I'm just wondering where you all get your inspiration/ideas from? What do you do in the instances of "designers/writers block"?
  2. DigitalYellow

    DigitalYellow New Member

    I find that when I hit a bit of a hurdle - either go for a walk usually down the Quayside as theres lots of inspiration and creativity oozing from the architecture and the variation of modern developments with histric heritage buildings!

    But usually when I'm driving from meeting a client or on the way I tend to have flashes of ideas when I cant jot them down or have a pen handy!!!
  3. Giftcolony

    Giftcolony New Member

    When I have design block I usually do things completely unrelated to what I'm trying to do. Usually something I like doing, like listening to music, or going to see a film. If the design is REALLY bugging me then I doodle a bit of things like people, animals, whatever really and then once my brains rested from the original problem I start looking at it again with a fresh brain. Alot of the time I try to do it with instinct and build up from that starting point. However I do make it a habit to have a piece of paper on me and a pen. (If I'm going somewhere I'll bring my special A5 zipped ring binder with compartments) Zipped ring binders are excellent for keeping safe and organising loose and bound bits of paper.
  4. LondonDARE

    LondonDARE New Member

    brain rot remedies

    best thing to do is to just go out and watch people.. or if your feeling like a day in, go around the web looking at other designers stuff for insperation, works a charm. I tend to trott of to the natural history museum just for a kick (and we've got lovely storefronts on the way there, so plenty of eye candy) Dont only watch the obviouse, go for lighting, architecture, clothes, personal style etc. It does make it easier!
    // Meg
  5. Redhouse

    Redhouse New Member

    I am not sure I can have any affect on when I will have ideas. They show up at the strangest times. Never when you are sitting solely trying to think of something. I agree with what most of you have said, many times while I am washing up or laying awake at night trying to go to sleep. When I am out walking around things often come to my mind. If I am content it's difficult but if I am going through a hard time it becomes easier.
  6. rich months

    rich months New Member

    Have a nap! It's amazing how you try and overthink things and become overtired.

    Probably similar to what other people have said about changing your surroundings....
  7. johnthecoach

    johnthecoach New Member


    For me it's driving, walking in the country (handy as that's where I live), or the place between waking and sleeping, when a curious visual space seems to open up - usually when I'm maximum distance from a pen & pad. :)

    Having said that, if I get an idea while I'm just about to go to sleep, if I set the intent to for it to come up again in the morning - 99/100 it does; just pops up while I'm brushing me teeth.

    Freelance Coach
  8. addmeup

    addmeup New Member

    well i guess from the people who matters to me. they're the people who give meaning to my life, they're the ones who seem to know the very details of me most especially my family. I am family person as you may have noticed.. :)

    because of them, i live fruitfully. :)
  9. j0nesy

    j0nesy New Member

    I did a degree in Fine art (a long time ago in another life time) and the best thing for me was exercise. Keep fit and go for a run or, to go to the gym and the ideas will flow. Also take long showers (Douglas Adams was famed for taking very long baths whilst writing Hitch Hikers guide to the galaxy). Don't mean to sound weird but the amount of eureka! Moments I had during a long shower.
  10. c69

    c69 New Member

    from Math or Nature, - the beauty of cold logic or wild passion of life.
  11. chrisreyes2787

    chrisreyes2787 New Member

    My inspiration, I get it from my family.

    Makes me want to work more harder when it comes to the. :)

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