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which laptop for photographer?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Lincon, Oct 18, 2019.

  1. Lincon

    Lincon New Member

    I am a professional photographer and looking for a laptop to use for my work.
    I am not familiar with laptop as there is so many different ones.
    I am interested hazard perception test nsw in the Toshiba Satellite X200-20S.
    Can anybody give me their opinion about this laptop?
    I don't know about Toshiba screen, it says on the details:17.0" TFT WSXGA+ TruBite 1,680 x 1050
    Is Toshiba's screen good?
  2. Rilan

    Rilan New Member

    I'd like to know too. Is Mac a bad option?
  3. Buzavis

    Buzavis New Member

    For me you need at least an i3 core to work well.
  4. maryjane02

    maryjane02 New Member

    Apple or mac...
  5. traceyjedison

    traceyjedison New Member

    I'm using my mac...
  6. Ostinato

    Ostinato New Member

    Mac is quite expensive, if you want the best value for the money buy Laptops with Ryzen CPUs on it, specifically Ryzen 5 or above.
  7. Forhad Hossain

    Forhad Hossain New Member

    Mac Will be the best choice for you.
  8. likeshigh

    likeshigh New Member

    I think Mac is the best option for photographer.

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