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Who'd be interested in me?

Discussion in 'Journalism Forum' started by Butterfly Becky, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. Butterfly Becky

    Butterfly Becky New Member

    I am just starting out and was wondering if anyone had some advice. I'm an ecologist, so think I have some pretty interesting and relevent things to write about. But now I'm thinking about who I can send my work to. Starting small sounds sensible, where can I get information about smaller scale publications that might be interested (or anyone who might be interested for that matter!)?
  2. MickeyFinn

    MickeyFinn Administrator

    Hey Becky,

    Lots of people will want you I am sure - it is just a case of how you present yourself ;)

    Starting small is definitely the way to do, sending articles to the new scientist and nature are unlikely to reap rewards if you are an unknown.

    First thing to do is write some articles! Once they are written use the search engines to find paper publications and sites that might publish them. Not necessarily ecology publications but other publications concerning the subject matter too - try and think laterally about who may be interested in reading the article. Also try sending the articles to blog owners as they love a bit of free content!

    Think I missed a step - set up a simple website for yourself! A few details about you and your experience is all you need.

    When sending out your articles initially state they could publish for free as long as you are credited for the article with a link back to your website and maybe a few lines about yourself at the end of the article.

    This will help to bring in interested parties and may lead to work plus you will then be published and when you send out the next articles you can say you have had articles published on x and y sites and magazines and you will be in a better position to offer exclusive articles and to ask for cash for your writing too.

    Well that is what I would do anyway!

    Best of luck.
  3. Butterfly Becky

    Butterfly Becky New Member

    Thanks, that sounds like good advice. It is interesting to see that having things online not just in paper publications seems to be increasingly popular. I have taken the 1st step you suggested, and have written some articles. My success in searching for suitable paper publications seems to be rather more limited, what should I be searching for?
    Thanks for your help,
  4. MickeyFinn

    MickeyFinn Administrator

    Hi Becky.

    Well done on writing the articles. What are they about?

    Take the subject of the article and get Googling!

    ecology publication - Google Search
    ecology publications - Google Search
    ecology magazine - Google Search
    ecology blog - Google Search

    Searches above for general ecology, then try ecology and the subject of your article plus magazine, blog, website, publication etc and see what comes up.

    Go deep into the results, don't stop on page two or three and you never know what nuggets you might find.

    Do the same on MSN and Yahoo as well, while Google is good the other search engines will throw up other sites too so use them all.

    Let us know how you get on!
  5. Butterfly Becky

    Butterfly Becky New Member

    Thanks, that's really useful. It sounds like some pereverance on the internet will get me somewhere, i have already found some interesting sites. I have done a short article on the wonders of butterfly migration, and one on why birdwatching is becoming so popular.
  6. Lupita

    Lupita Member

    Hiya BBecky,

    * National Geographic ( go on! It's worth a try!)
    * Birds Of Britain - Monthly Web Magazine for Birdwatchers
    * Get hold of a recent Willings press guide ( your local lib may have one) - it will contain SO many magazines pertinent to your said-articles.
    *Local press


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