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Why working from home is both awesome and horrible

Discussion in 'Time Out' started by Rizzo, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. Rizzo

    Rizzo New Member

  2. glebe digital

    glebe digital Member


    Yeah it's troublin'

    giddy limit:
  3. lazybones

    lazybones Banned

    i sent the oatmeal link to a friend of mine who is working from home, and she said it's so sad but true. apparently she even does her shopping online, she hasn't put on a pair of shoes in months to go out. makes me happy i work in an office, and that's bad enough.:cool2
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  4. mastermind

    mastermind New Member

    Hahaha, that is funny. I can't possibly work from home. I tried studying at home for like exams and stuff, instead of in the library, for instance, but I used to find it so difficult - distractions every 10 minutes by housemates, food ideas, the bathroom, making tea or coffee, 'having a break', taking a nap, all those things hahah. Same with working from home - if I ever do it, will probably be typing out of my own bed and taking naps every 10 mins. Not productive :D
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2012
  5. dwprint

    dwprint Banned

    Yes there are definitely downsides to working from home. But if you use some self control over the issues mentioned previously there are lots of benefits.

    Although perhaps if you're making a fortune every month a luxury office with a full time P.A. would be best.
  6. KnowHow

    KnowHow New Member

    Everything has two sides, but if you're well organized you may avoid most of these drawbacks. it's so called work-life balance ;)
    I don't like this expression, yet it's so true.
    You just have to be very demanding towards yourself, sometimes strict. Being an employee and a boss in one person is not so obvious, but it's certainly possible, as described here.
    And it's not so true that you're alone...you still have your clients, some of them easygoing, but some petty or even wacky.
  7. mastermind

    mastermind New Member

    Awwww, I wish I was doing thaaaaat. :D I am actually on the low steps of the hierarchy ladder and I don't get nearly enough to keep me satisfied. But I don't have enough discipline to work from home.
  8. Kevinj

    Kevinj New Member

    Working from home

    I just think that after working from home for getting on for 3 years is very slowly but surely sending me nuts! (Xp

    The art of conversation - with yourself has no bounds!!
  9. FreelanceUK

    FreelanceUK Administrator

    Just out of curiosity does anyone pay to use shared office space/Jelly etc. ?
  10. PureInk

    PureInk New Member

    Working from home is certainly one way to go a little crazy :eek: An alternative is to rent virtual office space that you can go into a couple of days a week and work from. Some are quite reasonable and are a good way to get out of the office more.
  11. purplesummer

    purplesummer New Member

    I work from home - 18 months so far. It suits me down to the ground, I can leave when I want and do what I want (compared to my last office workplace!). Working from home won't suit everyone as you really have to be dedicated to your work, clients, business and reputation.
  12. artlover

    artlover New Member

    Yes, I know some people who left full time employment and are now consulting, but have ended up using a shared office space just to be out of the house and avoid the concentration issues. I may end up going that way once I know where my new freelance career is going ;)
  13. SiobhanB

    SiobhanB New Member

    Even though it seems convenient at first, it's not the best choice if you want to be productive. I'm extremely easy to distract so I need an environment that forces me to be productive.
  14. rob.b

    rob.b New Member

    It depends on the person for me, those who possess a strong sense of self-discipline can have a very productive workday. I myself need environmental structure which is why I rented a work space. However, the issue of loneliness does creep up every now and again which can be just as damaging as suffering from lack of structure.
  15. rob.b

    rob.b New Member

    Agreed plus working alone can be quite an isolating experience and can leave one stir crazy. That's why like using a shared office space.
  16. MisterMan

    MisterMan New Member

    New to the forum, so hello first of all.

    The only issue that plagues me when working from home is distraction, i.e. having other things to do (such as going to the post office). I wouldn't say no to renting office space, but anything beats having to work at the client's office.
  17. tj1979x

    tj1979x New Member

    I've worked from home for a while now and as long as I make myself go out and interact with people it's fine.
    I do get loads of interruptions though, eg,
    My mum texts: 'are you working today?'
    Me: ''yes, working from home.
    My Mum: 'Great, I'll give you a call'
    *loses 3 hours*
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  18. RexWrite

    RexWrite New Member

    I work from home 2 days a week and in the office 3 days so I don't find it too bad and I'm glad to get the time out of the house and in it. I have done a few weeks at home and I found it difficult. It's easier to get distracted.
  19. Juniper

    Juniper New Member

    I used to do Mon-Thurs in the office and Friday working from home - needless to say I got almost nothing done on a Friday.. I felt like I was just working a 4 day week and having a cheeky extra day off for the weekend. I couldn't work at home all week for months on end, not enough self control to stop myself from the distractions!
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  20. threelancer

    threelancer Member

    Ha Ha very true.
    when working at home the missus likes to leave a list of things to do as "working at home" :mad:
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