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Women Magazine-opportunities

Discussion in 'Journalism Forum' started by anagul, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. anagul

    anagul New Member

    We are willing to start a women’s magazine , targeted for women from Indian subcontinent. This is not going to an ethnic magazine, but would be trendy and modern ,attracting wider audience. I am not planning to make a magazine which gives the impression of a social newsletter.The magazine will not fanatically follow a fixed format but still would cover major social ,political and lifestyle issues. We need people interested in writing, Editing, Graphic and Marketing experience. To begin with this is going to be a non paid job, later. will be paid according to input. If you are keen to join us , please mail me with your CV on- gulnaz.parveen@gmail.com or call me 00447888660123/00447889864123

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