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Work available for freelance Fashion Graphic Designers

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum' started by Phirefly, Mar 13, 2008.

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  1. Phirefly

    Phirefly New Member

    I supply major high street brands with placement prints, embroideries and embellishments for ladies, mens, teen and childrenswear.

    Due to increase in workload, I am now looking to outsource to talented freelance graphic designers.

    Experience of design for commercial screenprinting is preferred. All files must be suppied in .ai format.

    Please note, while my clients are fashion-forward, this is design for COMMERCIAL retail. I imagine lots of people round here enjoy seeing their weird and wonderful creations on Threadless, but I'm talking about unit runs of 10,000+, you have to appreciate that 10,000 people would want to buy that T-shirt so designs cant be too self-indulgent.

    Please PM me if interested, thanks :)
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  2. Dawn

    Dawn New Member


    Hello my name is Dawn Bowen,

    I am currently working for a cosmetics company however, I am looking for extra work currently and am interested in doing this for you.

    I have done t-shirt deisgn in the past for Harley Davidson as well as the cosmetics brand that I work for now. I also have a background knowledge of screen printing and an indepth knowledge of deisgn software such as illustrator, photoshop, cobalt 3D, In-Design etc.

    Let me know if your interested and I will put something together for you to look at.

    Unfortunatly I do not have a website as yet however I am working on it. Please feel free to ask me for some artwork from my portfolio to look at.

  3. Dawn

    Dawn New Member


    Thanks for your mail. If you could let me know of an email that I can send my designs to I will get them over to you straight away.

    I was wondering also if you would be intersted in seeing my C.V which has some of my previous work.

    Looking forward to hearing from you


  4. Dawn

    Dawn New Member

  5. Pingsweetie

    Pingsweetie New Member

    You still looking?

    It you haven't found exactly what you're looking for take a peek at Pingsweetie.

    I've got to be honest I don't have experience of design for commercial screenprinting but I have been in the design business for 17 years and I LOVE Illustrator and am really keen to do some more illustrations.

    Anyway if my style floats your boat let me know.

    Kind regards
  6. solarocean

    solarocean New Member

    Hi There

    My name is Shane Frederiksen from Zimbabwe/UK, and I would be very keen to work with you on the project you have posted, I have been in the screen printing industry for the last 13 years, working for Freshair (Oxgate lane) London and various other companies in Zimbabwe and now I work for myself, I also do my own artworks and this would be a wonderful opportunity to unleash some HOT Sellers... Please email me shelshan@zol.co.zw

    I would like to know more information if possible.

    I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

    Yours Faithfully

    Shane Frederiksen- Solar Ocean "Elements of Creation"
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2008
  7. pipstar

    pipstar New Member


    I would very much like to be involved in your design work if its not too late?
    I have my own clothing brand which I do all the designs for. However I also do a lot of custom designs and freelance work for others, so my work is quite varied. Please take a look at my site Mieego, Mens T-shirts | Music | Urban Wear
    If you would like to see some of the other freelance work I do pls do not hesitate to get in touch and I will email you some work. Thanks.
  8. squall

    squall New Member

    I am interested.. email me at sqcloud@yahoo.com.. thanks
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