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Working of an eCommerce website - B

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by Web Designer, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. Web Designer

    Web Designer New Member

    The working of an eCommerce website starts when the users enter data like the product name, pricing, availability and the shipping costs in the web forms and then PHP script creates the record in associated SQL databases for new products. The users have access to many products generally spread across various categories, which are actually maintained as the records in database and are managed through PHP scripts. When a visitor visits the eCommerce website, store information and the featured products in the web browser are displayed via PHP script. Help of SEO services can also be taken for maximizing the number of customers at the eCommerce website.

    When customers find their desired products to purchase, they click at the products for adding them to their shopping cart for which the PHP script makes temporary file listing and stores the selected product files either in a cookie form or on the server of customer’s computer. Once the customer is done with the shopping and he checks out from eCommerce store, series of the PHP collect payment information, shipping and billing address information of the customer and any other relevant options like colors and sizes. Another PHP bundles payment information of the customer into a suitable format for credit card network, handing off payment data to credit card processing company. If transaction gets approved, a PHP script sends email to the eCommerce
  2. Diane14

    Diane14 New Member

    Thank you for this informative post about eCommerce.I've already heard about this but didn't really understand how does it work.Now it is more clear for me, thank you very much.

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