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world market and exploitation

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by hoolagon, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. hoolagon

    hoolagon New Member


    I just wondered if anyone knows how the law treats people buying and selling work from different countries over the Internet?

    I have been using get(a)freelancer(.)com and often I find myself bidding against people in the developing world where they are asking for $1 or $2 an hour. This I don't mind too much as I have learnt to compete on quality rather than price. However what really really gets to me it the shameful behaviour of the buyers, who often expect or even require the bidders to accept a maximum on $1 or $2 an hour. Obviously I would never take such a job, but I find this kind of attitude totally unacceptable and shameful. It brings with it connotations of the western world exploiting the workers in developing world, whilst also undercutting everyone else.

    Check out this example:
    And his profile says hes in the UK

    Are there not laws against this. If so how do I go about getting him busted?

    PS: the brackets() are just to stop google from picking up the links. Please remove them.

  2. WordsWorth

    WordsWorth New Member

    He might find out that further down the line the people who worked for him ain't insured, so he could end up in court and have to fork out. I'd always advise freelancers to get the proper prof indeminty insurance, and tell the customer that they get what they pay for.:banana

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