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Writers for you

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Lauren_Andrews, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. Lauren_Andrews

    Lauren_Andrews New Member

    I just saw a very interesting site which is helping my writing career go to heights that I never believed possible. The site is called ekwa The URL is Marketing tools & business marketing to market your products, ideas & businesses from ekwa.com. I needed my own web site to host my short stories & poems. I found a great site that offers me just that & to my amazement it’s offered freely. I selected a web template & now I’m doing the changes which are very simple to do & later will be uploading my work. Every thing to the web site to the hosting is free for life & it’s also accompanied by one set of marketing tools which I find more than useful which are also offered freely. From managing my poems & short stories to getting reviews from the rest of the web is just some of the features that the site offers. Other than this I can also manage my communities, join & create discussions etc. I plan to get my work published & this site helps in every way possible. Check it out

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