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Writing on revenue share basis

Discussion in 'Journalism Forum' started by SimonD, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. SimonD

    SimonD Guest


    I have just been offered a job that is on a 50/50 split revenue share basis with a new news website. They would share revenue using my adsense account. I am not sure whether this would be worth my time. This is my first post on this forum and I would be grateful for opinions with regards to my question.

  2. SarahSimpsons

    SarahSimpsons New Member

    Its generally not worth your time unless they are a big company and have a track record. If theres no harm in trying then maybe give it a go for a few weeks and see.

    Revenue shares for content sites is just another way of saying "I don't know how much money we can make, most likely not that much."
  3. jillvance

    jillvance New Member

    Hit and Miss

    Revenue share can work well but it can also bring in pennies. It depends on the number of views and how many people "click through". On some articles I have had quite good money even with few views yet an article that was getting an average of 15,000 visits a day last month I only earned 0.36! It is very hit and miss and also depends on the publicity and share work the site, (or you) is prepared to put in. You can try and see how it works.
  4. FreelanceScribbler

    FreelanceScribbler New Member

    Wouldn't touch this with a barge pole!

    One of my blogs gets 90,000 visitors per month, but only earns £30 from AdSense per month.

    Totally not worth it.

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